Wine tourism & climate action: Adrian Bridge, Caro Feely, Heidi Newton-King and Catherine Leparmentier

Transforming Wine Tourism for Climate Action

In this Climate Talk we will debate how wine tourism businesses are dealing with the climate challenges and what is the role it can play on adapting and mitigating it. We will gather different players from the wine tourism sector to discuss the major changes wine tourism needs to address a green transition. We’ll explore what have been the consumers’ demands and expectations regarding this topic, and, in a very practical way, what are the measures they have been implementing to turn their wine tourism operation into a more efficient and environmentally friendly one. We will also approach what are the fundamental changes this path will bring into the modus operandi of the business? What are the barriers and the opportunities that can arise from it and risks involved? How can wine production values be aligned with the wine tourism operation?


Adrian Bridge, CEO of The Fladgate Partnership & The Porto Protocol Foundation -Portugal

Caro Feely, Co-owner and Director at Chateau Feely – France

Heidi-Newton-King, Sustainability Director at Spier – South Africa


Catherine Leparmentier, Managing Director at Great Wine Capitals – France


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