World of Wine – Chillers With Heat Recovery and Ice Banks

Company Summary World of Wine (WoW) is a new cultural and tourist hub in Porto, consisting of six interactive museum experiences and nine restaurants, bars, and cafes created from the restoration of old port wine cellars. It also includes a wine school, several retail shops, an exhibition space as well as an event space. Situated […]

Raimat – VISCA (Vineyard Integrated Smart Climate Application)

Raimat wine cellar is located in a region called Costers del Segre in the southwest slope of Raimat hills. This location confers special and differentiated characteristics: higher sunlight exposure in the afternoon, which allows the grapes to accumulate more degree days, achieving an earlier ripening without losing acidity. These are well drained soils; the slight […]

Spier – Storing carbon in the soil and Water conservation

Executive Summary: Spier, near Stellenbosch, is one of South Africa’s oldest wine farms with a recorded history dating back to 1692. The 621ha family-owned estate is holistically farmed to create a diversified, balanced ecosystem with minimal impact on the environment. A primary focus is the regeneration of soil fertility, which is achieved through methods such […]

Monchique – Bag-In-Box Ecopack

ABSTRACT: BIB Ecopack Monchique is an innovative 10L family pack. Produced using 63% less PET when compared to the amount of PET needed to produce two 5L bottles, BIB Ecopack Monchique is 100% recyclable, more convenient and easy to carry. COMPANY SUMMARY:   Sociedade da Água de Monchique SA has operated the public concession of […]

3Sixty2 – Leading the climate change movement in New Zealand Wine

Executive Summary: New Zealand Winegrowers has committed to the goal of the New Zealand wine industry being net carbon zero before 2050. The pledge was in response to the New Zealand Government announcing the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill. The challenge for many little businesses is that the compliance, process, audits, time and […]

Pine Ridge Winery – Comparing Chlorine dioxide mister as an alternative to peroxyacetic acid as a sanitizer and water saving tool

Company Summary: Pine Ridge Winery and Crimson Wine Group (parent company) operate vineyards and wineries on the west coast of the Untied States. The company’s goals are to become carbon neutral, reduce utilities’ utilization and ensure that its land is farmed sustainably. Executive Summary: In the sanitation process of cleaning wine tanks the average consumption […]

Herdade dos Grous – Sustainability Strategy

SUMMARY Located in Baixo Alentejo, in hard edaphic and climatic conditions, Herdade dos Grous uses agricultural management practices that aim to integrate agriculture into the environment with an enormous respect for land and Nature. It has been developing a philosophy of sustainable production in all its aspects, with a special focus on the vineyard and winery. […]

Treasury Wines Estates – Pulse/Batch Refrigeration Cooling

ABSTRACT Pulse cooling provides a new method of controlling temperatures in wine tanks while driving electrical energy efficiency and thereby reducing our carbon footprint. COMPANY SUMMARY:  Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) is one of the world’s largest wine companies, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Everything we do is dedicated to realising our ambition of becoming […]