The British Ecological Society – Nature-Based Solutions For Climate Change In The UK

INTRODUCTION Nature-based solutions (NbS) address societal problems in ways that benefit both people and nature. The main focus of this report is the joint role of NbS for addressing the climate and biodiversity crises we currently face. Natural habitats act as NbS for climate if they sequester carbon (contributing to Net Zero targets) or provide adaptation to climate […]

Towards Australian grape and wine industry carbon neutrality… the possible dream

By R. Smart, D. Bruer, C. Collins, A. Corsi, I. Jeffrey, C. Karantonis, L. Lockshin, R. Muhlack, D. Oemcke, B. Pike and E. Wilkes. An article published on Grapegrower & Winemaker – issue 680 INTRODUCTION The aim of this multi-author paper is to encourage the Australian grape and wine sector to engage in a strategy of […]

Modulating a wine profile via an innovative use of vine-shoots

Modulating a wine profile via an innovative use of vine-shoots The chemical composition of vine-shoots is characterised by oenological compounds with high added value, which could contribute to the sensory profile of wines. In this study, toasted vine-shoots from two varieties were used in two different formats, granules and chips, and added to wine at […]

Assessing Ecosystem Services and Multifunctionality for Vineyard Systems

ABSTRACT Vineyards shape important economic, cultural, and ecological systems in many temperate biomes. Like other agricultural systems, they can be multifunctional landscapes that not only produce grapes, but also for example serve as wildlife habitat, sequester carbon, and are places of rich traditions. However, research and management practices often focus mostly on individual, specific ecosystem […]