Vineyard microbes: Tom Croghan, Kees Van Leeuwen, Andreia Figueiredo and Alex Gobbi

Discovering the world of vineyard microbes This Climate Talk is a Research Edition, dedicated to the work generated by academia. We counted with different experts and researchers from distinct European Universities, who will share the result of different studies, carried out from different perspectives, around the world of vineyard microbes. We will seek to understand […]

Animals & Vineyards: Johan Reyneke, Kelly Mulville, Ligia Santos and Tom Croghan

Building Climate Resilience with Animals in the Vineyards The use of grazing animals in vineyards seems to be of increasing interest and use around the globe. The information available indicates that it is a vineyard management tool that finds compatibility with regenerative, organic and biodynamic farming practices. This discussion will focus on the many benefits […]

Retailers & Climate Action: Marcus Ihre, Carmel Kilcline, Scot Case & Marta Mendonça

The role of retailers in driving Climate Action Global wine consumption has not been steady, but the risks associated to climate change have grown significantly. Consequently, so have the number of discerning drinkers looking for evidence of a sustainable approach from their favorite wines. Retailers are a key stakeholder of the wine value chain. They […]

When climate Action meets efficiency along the wine operation

Climate Change rapidly is altering wine as we know it and it is disrupting Supply Chain and Logistics for the Wine Industry. Business leaders in the Wine Industry in the process of adjusting to the new normal are trying to balance Environmental Sustainability and Profits. It seems that for the average Grape Grower or Winery, […]