Saving Every Drop: Lessons Learned and Innovation in Regenerative Viticulture

This discussion will explore regenerative viticulture’s impact on water conservation in this engaging webinar. Learn from experts as they share strategies for saving water in vineyards. Discover innovative approaches that promote sustainable water management while maintaining wine quality. This webinar inspires vineyard owners, winemakers, and enthusiasts to embrace regenerative viticulture for a sustainable future, preserving […]

Sustainability & Profitability – II Edition

Our next Climate Talk will take place on Thursday, July 6th, at 5 pm UTC and will be a 2nd Edition of our Business Series on #sustainability and #profitability. This time three winery owners and winemakers will share the panel. Inês Mota (Calçada Wines, Portugal) will host the talk with Ceri Parke (Cantina Goccia, Italy), Adnan Icel (Icellars Estate Winery, Canada) […]