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Luxury’s Guide To Collaboration, Innovation And Best Practice

It’s time to embrace suppliers as partners – not simply sources – and vice versa. By doing so, brands can attain full-scope production oversight that mitigates reputational risk, ensure end-to-end sustainability across the value chain and access new market innovation and opportunity. Meanwhile, suppliers can build a competitive advantage that puts them in pole position in a tender process, increase customer loyalty and enjoy the mid-term benefits in line with their brand partners.


In this report, Positive Luxury presents a good suppliers guide, outlining:

  • Why collaboration between brands and suppliers coupled with fulsome supply chain oversight is a business imperative
  • What brands should look out for when selecting a supplier
  • Legislative change that will impact supply chains
  • Practical guidance on how to foster mutually beneficial relationships between brands and suppliers


Link for the guide: https://www.portoprotocol.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/PL_FutureofSustainableSourcing_Mar22.pdf


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