THE COMPANY – DESCRIPTION Revino is reviving the refillable glass bottle ecosystem for Producers and Consumers. People all over are impacted by unseen issues every day and the state of our recycling initiatives across the country is in dire need of renewal. Over 110million bottles go into U.S. landfills daily, depleting natural resources and contributing […]

Grapes For Humanity

Grapes for Humanity Canada raises funds through wine events including dinners, wine tastings and wine auctions for a variety of causes around the world. Founded in 2001, our foundation’s initial emphasis was to help victims of landmines by building clinics, purchasing ambulances and prosthetics and training specialist for global communities impacted by civil strife. The […]

Grape Discoveries

Off-the-beaten-path in the Douro Valley Grape Discoveries leads private, curated, one-day, deep-dive, wine tours in the Douro Valley, to discover the region`s physical and cultural terroir. Grape Discoveries is less a tour and more a private guided adventure, an off-the-beaten-path to lesser known, barely discovered places in Portugal’s breathtakingly beautiful Douro Valley wine country. Just […]

Agua Monchique

Mineral, Natural Alkaline Water Sociedade de Água de Monchique, SA is a company dedicated to explore Monchique mineral, natural alkaline water; confined in an aquifer 900 meters deep beneath the earth, our water lives through rocks and more than 50 hectares of protected area which enhance its unique characteristics: a natural antioxidant water with 9,5 […]


A nature-based biomimicry solution to conserve water by suppressing water evaporation from soil, impacting water, food and climate change in a sustainable manner. RHST Industries has developed a disruptive technology that can reduce the water footprint of current agriculture. Our product called “Water Pearls” utilize biomimicry to reduce water evaporation. Water Pearls are inert, 100% […]