Silverado Farming Company

Silverado Farming Company is a full-service vineyard management company farming vineyards for wineries and growers in Napa and Sonoma Counties


Our mission is to help you to bring your soil back to life We provide consulting services for soil management in all farming systems with a focus on vineyards. We work with Conventional, Organic and Biodynamic producers.


Founded on January 6th 1998, Laborial is a provider for laboratory solutions. The company is certified on the following management systems: Quality according to ISO 9001; Research, Development and Innovation System according to NP 4457; Environment according to ISO 14001. Since its genesis, the company has focused its efforts on the development of innovating solutions […]


IMPACT INVESTING At GoParity, any citizen or company has access to investment opportunities in projects with positive environmental impact and profitability, that they would not have access to. The app also allows the creation of sustainable automatic savings and investment scheme, promoting financial literacy and empowering users when it comes to the use of their […]

Full Glass Research

We are a source of customized market and economic research and advice, for all types of flavor-driven or artisanal foods and beverages Full Glass Research performs industry and market analysis for specialty foods and beverages. Clients include investors, regional and non-profit organizations, wineries, vineyards, breweries, cideries, food companies and farms. Services include consumer and trade […]

Digital Terroirs

Marketing and communication agency Digital Terroirs is a marketing and communication agency specialized in the wine industry. We work with some of the most respected wine companies and not just producers but distributors, importers and wine shops. We engage brands and consumers, customizing our approach based on our client’s needs, through the integration of creative […]

Environmental Waves

  Other Contributions: Environmental Waves – Algae Bloom Elimination in Fervença River

Aliados Consulting

Capacitamos pessoas e organizações a avançar em direção a um futuro sustentável. A Aliados Consulting reúne uma comunidade de empreendedores, inovadores sociais, designers de sustentabilidade, tecnólogos, filósofos e investigadores para oferecer um crescimento sustentável e lucrativo às organizações mais ambiciosas do mundo.