Our August Newsletter

That time of the year

Dear all,

In the Northern Hemisphere, the wine world is experiencing its most wonderful time of the year, harvest.

And in the amidst of the excitement and promise of the wines we will surely drink sometime in the future, lies an undeniable sense of restlessness.

The season was too hot, too dry, too rainy, too stormy. Simply put, too devastating.

We are, in nature, stubborn optimists, but we cannot afford to be blind ones. Not to acknowledge the state of play is to pretend that business is as usual. And it is not.

It is so that clear that we are not doing enough. Individually. Collectively. But it is (still) just as undeniable that we have the immense capacity (AKA responsibility) to turn things around.

It is time we take our role as keystone species super seriously”. Koen van Seijen

Funnily enough, that is exactly how we, The Porto Protocol, see ourselves. As a keystone species of this ecosystem, of this world wine web.

In the last newsletter, we shared our activities for the upcoming months. In this edition, we share our ventures for this month, in the virtual world but also in the Big Apple, as we take part of the Climate Week NYC.


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