Coal Pit Winery

THE COMPANY – DESCRIPTION Coal Pit is a boutique family-owned single vineyard in Central Otago, New Zealand. THE COMPANY – IMAGES

Brooks Wine

THE COMPANY – DESCRIPTION Celebrating 25 years of making wines and 50 years of growing vines, Brooks Wine is focused on low intervention, sustainable winemaking. Founder Jimi Brooks, a passionate leader for organic and biodynamic farming, met an untimely and unexpected departure that resulted in an outpouring of generosity by the Oregon wine community. He […]


THE COMPANY – DESCRIPTION Revino is reviving the refillable glass bottle ecosystem for Producers and Consumers. People all over are impacted by unseen issues every day and the state of our recycling initiatives across the country is in dire need of renewal. Over 110million bottles go into U.S. landfills daily, depleting natural resources and contributing […]

Vale da Veiga, Soc. Agr., Lda.

Vale da Veiga lies on the Douro river banks, where the geometry of vineyards and terraces in shale slopes dominates the landscape. Here, man’s strengthjoined the hand of God and together shaped this rough and stunning land that is the recognised cradle of some of the best Douro wines. Wines with a face, wines with […]

Edmond de Rothschild Heritage

THE COMPANY – DESCRIPTION With 500ha of vineyards spread over the Bordeaux region, New Zealand, Argentina, Spain and South Africa, Edmond de Rothschild Heritage reveals magnificent terroirs to create exceptional wines. In Megève, it has been offering unique stays (3 hotels, 7 restaurants and a golf course) since 1920, which are also available in Spain with […]

Tolosa Winery

A PLACE OF EXTRAORDINARY POTENTIAL Tolosa is a luxury winery located in the Edna Valley, nestled amongst the transverse volcanic hills of San Luis Obispo County and on the frontier for the most complex cool-climate varietals in California. Tolosa spares no effort to craft nuanced and balanced Pinot Noir and Chardonnay of distinctive character to […]

Särtshöga Vingård

One of the world’s most Nordic Vineyards with a regenerative philosophy In 2012 we found Särtshöga, a beautiful little farm in the southern part of Sweden where nobody had grown vines before. So we decided to start a Vineyard. Today we have 2 hectares with the PIWI grape Solaris. A variety which is adapted to […]