Wine writer, Author, Consultant, Magazine Editor and founder of TWACCI (the Oxford’s Wine and Climate Change Institute)

A wine writer, author, magazine editor, and panel judge for 25 years, twelve of them spent in France, Johnson-Bell is the Founder of Oxford’s Wine and Climate Change Institute (2016) and is a consultant in adaptation & mitigation strategies, specialising in freshwater use, dry farming, and planting. Her BA is in International Relations. She has a Graduate Diploma in Law (Oxford Brookes University), a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (University of Oxford’s OXILP), diplomas from Paris’s La Sorbonne and l’Institut des Sciences Politiques, and a diploma from the Oxford Adaptation Academy, Smith School & Global Climate Adaptation Partnership.

She is a Contributing Author to the 2019 United Nation’s Encyclopaedia of Sustainable Development Goals, Goal 13 (Climate Action) with her Chapter Title: Climate Change and Water Management, and was a Global Team Expert in the June 2020 Global Report: Private Markets for Climate Resilience published by The Nordic Development Fund. Johnson-Bell lives in the UK where she is a member of the Welsh government’s wine Special Interest Group and is writing her next climate change book: Blind Drunk.”