Always fascinated by how plants grow, Stan worked in various jobs before finding a home at Silverado Farming Company. After earning a B.A. in environmental studies at UC Santa Barbara, Stan joined the Peace Corps teaching agriculture to secondary students in Botswana, returning to the United States in 1987 to teach outdoor education for Los Angeles County Schools. He continued his education at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and graduated with an M.S. in Agriculture and Pest Management, before spending five years working at an insectary and administering a biological pest control program for citrus and avocado growers in Ventura County. Coming to Napa in 1999, Stan worked with Kendall-Jackson and other wineries in pest management and viticulture, focusing on transitioning vineyards to a more sustainable and organic approach. Stan joined Silverado Farming Company in 2005, impressed by the farming, business, and community philosophies that form the basis of the company. He is currently Partner and Vice President of Viticulture. As Pete says, “We are just trying to change the world, one vineyard at a time.”


Sustainable, organic and biodynamic viticulture

Carbon Footprint in Sustainable, organic and byodinamic vines