Alisdair Tulloch is a 5th generation grape grower and winemaker from the Hunter Valley, Australia. Having grown up in the wine industry, Alisdair has seen the effects of a changing climate in vineyards throughout his life, which inspired him to lead a charge of sustainability in his region. His family’s estate Keith Tulloch Wine achieved carbon neutrality in 2018, and was certified carbon neutral by the Australian government in March 2019 – just the second winery in Australia to achieve this certification. Besides his work in emissions reduction and sequestration, Alisdair is also a vocal advocate of climate change action and communicates the pressing issues facing the wine industry from this threat. Beyond climate, Alisdair is a hands-on practitioner of regenerative viticulture focusing on soil health and microbiology, as well as working passionately to preserve native biodiversity through multiple seeding and planting projects on the vineyard. Alisdair is currently working abroad for a family vineyard in Côte Rôtie France ahead of his return to Australia in early 2021.


Extreme Weather Events: Response From The Vineyards