D.O.Q. Priorat – ECrowd Invest Isolated Solar Energy For PERINET WINERY

Company Summary: Perinet is a spectacular estate vineyard in the Priorat DOQ, located approximately at 90 min. drive from Barcelona. Perinet Winery is an entirely unique asset in the Priorat, in part due to the original developer’s approach which made the efforts in carrying out their vision to invest in a premium winery and a […]

Treasury Wines Estates – Pulse/Batch Refrigeration Cooling

ABSTRACT Pulse cooling provides a new method of controlling temperatures in wine tanks while driving electrical energy efficiency and thereby reducing our carbon footprint. COMPANY SUMMARY:  Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) is one of the world’s largest wine companies, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Everything we do is dedicated to realising our ambition of becoming […]

Lanchester Wine – Renewable energy and heat generation

COMPANY: LANCHESTER WINES – UK Lanchester Wines is one of the UK’s leading supplier of quality wines and spirits to the trade, successfully operating and innovating across every element of UK wine import and export. There are many ways to approach a sustainability or carbon footprint strategy and much is dependent on the activities of […]

Epona – Striving for Sustainability

COMPANY SUMMARY: Epona Wine is a vineyard and winery striving to demonstrate the latest developments in sustainability, including energy and resource conservation, organic practices and locally-sourced, modern-variety grapes. SUSTAINABLE TARGET: Evaluate, and implement and measure the benefits of a solar power system for the Epona Winery in Woodland, WA, USA, towards the goal of reaching renewable energy […]

BA GLASS – Energy efficiency improvements and CO2 emissions reduction

Development Area: Energy / Reduction The production of glass packaging starts with the melting of its raw materials, mainly sand, soda ash, limestone and recycled glass (cullet). In this production process, the CO2 emissions result mainly from the combustion of Natural Gas needed to melt the raw materials and from soda ash melting. The production […]