Energy Management & Wine Production: Adam Black, Anna Brittain, Ron Runnebaum and Charles Perry

Energy Management Throughout Wine Production

This Climate talk is about energy management throughout wine production. We have invited Charles Perry (Sustainable Future for All) to host a conversation between Adam Black, (Head of Energy at Lanchester Wines) Anna Brittain (Executive Director at Napa Green) and Ron Runnebaum (Assistant Professor In Viticulture & Enology And In Chemical Engineering & Materials Science at University of California, Davis).

From irrigation pumps to winery lighting, a company’s car fleet, mechanization in the vineyard, to energy used for packaging production and transportation, no matter what stage of wine production you may look at, energy consumption and management is at the core of the problem as well as the solution to #climatechange in general and the impact of wine production on the environment.

These three stakeholders will cover a variety of #energymanagement approaches, strategies, from simple to complex solutions (such as UC Davis’ Platinum certified #LEED winery), to different sources of #renewableenergies (solar, wind and geothermal). This approach with players from different stages of #wineproduction will enable us to dig deeper as we bridge the knowledge and challenges generated by academia and producers.


  • Adam Black, Lanchester Wines – Durham, UK
  • Anna Brittain, Napa Green – Napa Valley, US
  • Ron Runnebaum, UC Davis – Davis, US


  • Charles Perry, Sustainable Future for All – Westminster, UK


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