Discovering the world of vineyard microbes

This Climate Talk is a Research Edition, dedicated to the work generated by academia. We counted with different experts and researchers from distinct European Universities, who will share the result of different studies, carried out from different perspectives, around the world of vineyard microbes. We will seek to understand how our practices influence the health of our vineyards, the environment, and the wine, exploring the structure, function and management of the vineyard microbiome.

It took place in the form of a hybrid event, with a live audience of students from UTAD (Trás-os-Mosntes University).


Tom Croghan, The Vineyards ad Dodon / USA


Kees Van Leeuwen, Bordeaux University’s Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin / France

Andreia Figueiredo, Science Faculty of Lisbon University / Portugal

Alex Gobbi, University of Copenhagen / Denmark



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