Villiera Wines

Environmental Awareness Villiera Wines is a family run wine business in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Villiera is a leader in the production of Cap Classique Sparkling wine, but also has a range of red and white still wines. Finding the perfect balance between agricultural production and environment conservation is at the top of the list of […]


Spier is an ethically, environmentally- and socially-conscious farm in South Africa’s Stellenbosch Winelands. With a recorded history of more than 300 years, today it’s a family-run destination that offers good food, wine, hospitality, arts and farming. Employing almost 500 staff, the farm consists of a 153-room hotel, a conference centre, restaurants, winery and farming operation. […]

Stellenbosch Wine Routes

Stellenbosch Wine Routes The recorded history of Stellenbosch dates back to 1679 when this name was given to a small island on the Eerste River by Simon van der Stel, the then governor of the Cape. It can, however, be assumed that prior to its official naming, the Stellenbosch surrounds were home to various indigenous […]

Waterford Wines, Ltd

THE WATERFORD WAY Waterford Estate – our home – created to preserve the footprint of nature, the vigour of the vines and to share lasting memories with family and friends through wine. We believe that truly great wine will carry you away to the place of origin and therefore we are committed to ensuring that […]