A biodynamic association Respekt-BIODYN is a search for quality in the greatest possible sense. We respects nature, plants, animals and people to the highest degree imaginable.  Founded to reflect jointly in the group on the principles of biodynamics, and to consistently implement them in viticulture. respekt-BIODYN is an association of biodynamic winegrowers aiming to produce outstanding […]

Positive Luxury

Positive Luxury is a sustainability accelerator that since 2011 collaborates with luxury brands, suppliers, and retailers to transition towards a new climate economy. We assess, benchmark, and certify companies with the Butterfly Mark. Organisations that we certify receive the Butterfly Mark, an independent globally respected mark that identifies luxury brands that meet the highest standards […]

Regenerative Viticulture Foundation

The Regenerative Viticulture Foundation is a charity dedicated to advancing biodiversity in vineyards globally in order to improve the environment and help reverse climate change.