Vale da Veiga, Soc. Agr., Lda.

Vale da Veiga lies on the Douro river banks, where the geometry of vineyards and terraces in shale slopes dominates the landscape. Here, man’s strengthjoined the hand of God and together shaped this rough and stunning land that is the recognised cradle of some of the best Douro wines.
Wines with a face, wines with history, wines with passion, conquered to the shale mountains, ripped to a harsh climate by generations of men and womenthat, over the ages, learned to extract from the land true nectars. These craftsmen work from sun to sun, from vine to glass, creating today the wines oftomorrow. Wines with soul!
Our estates between the Douro and Côa rivers banks have vineyards, olive groves, almond trees, fruit trees, beehives, pastures and forests of indigenous floraand fauna, promoting the ecosystem’s biodiversity.
Our vineyards, some centenary, are cultivated according to the Integrated Production system with total respect for the environment, with no irrigationsystems allowing balanced productions and optimal extraction of each grape variety’s potential.
These old vineyards give our wines a unique and unrepeatable character and singularity.
We are deeply aware of the need to use sustainable agricultural practices to maintain our products’ high quality and ensure a project with a future for thenext generations and the planet.
This is the “culture” that we want to preserve and that every day is our greatest inspiration for creating great wines in Douro Superior.
Wines with face, wines with history, wines with soul!

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