The Coppola Family

The Coppola Commitment

Francis and Eleanor Coppola have always strongly supported sustainability, in their own lives and their many business endeavors. Their desire for sustainability comes from their commitment to preserve the land for future generations; they want their children and grandchildren to have the opportunity to embrace this beautiful land. For more than forty years, the Coppola family has searched for innovative ways to implement environmentally responsible practices into the vineyards and winemaking techniques to improve efficiency, minimize impacts and create a nurturing habitat for wildlife, on-site staff and visiting guests.

The Coppolas take this commitment to heart, evident at the winery as well as their personal projects. In 2015, as California was feeling the effects of the state’s most severe drought in decades, Mr. Coppola personally requested ideas from each staff member on how to save water at work and at home. Almost immediately, close to 200 suggestions were received, including ideas from his wife. The winery is currently implementing many of these creative suggestions, each of which has a significant impact on our winemaking philosophy and quality wines we produce.

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