Särtshöga Vingård

One of the world’s most Nordic Vineyards with a regenerative philosophy

In 2012 we found Särtshöga, a beautiful little farm in the southern part of Sweden where nobody had grown vines before. So we decided to start a Vineyard. Today we have 2 hectares with the PIWI grape Solaris. A variety which is adapted to our climate and resistant against many deceases. And maybe best of all – the PIWI grapes doesn´t require chemical treatment.

We work with nature and try our best to practice regenerative viticulture.

To keep our soil healthy and to attract insects and birds we use bio compost, intermediate crops, a diversity of plants, flowers and trees, and of course our lovely chickens. From pruning to harvest, the work is done by hand. In the vinery we make a sparkling wine using méthode traditionelle, with a blend of wines from several years.


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