A nature-based biomimicry solution to conserve water by suppressing water evaporation from soil, impacting water, food and climate change in a sustainable manner.

RHST Industries has developed a disruptive technology that can reduce the water footprint of current agriculture.

Our product called “Water Pearls” utilize biomimicry to reduce water evaporation.

Water Pearls are inert, 100% organic require no maintenance, and carry an estimated 50+ year lifespan with 2% yearly UV degradation.

The benefits of reducing abiotic stress and water usage in agriculture with with Water Pearls include:

The improvement in quality, yield, costs, ground-water policy compliance, carbon credits, nature capital appreciation and conservation.

The Water Pearl is, a simple drop in and walk away solution, enabling farmers to mitigate climate risk, and position themselves to be resilient and sustainable for the long term.

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