Napa Green

Napa Green serves as a catalyst and facilitator to grow certified sustainable, responsible businesses committed to the environmental stewardship and climate action in Napa County.

Napa Green Vineyard certification provides a pathway for growers to improve soil health, become carbon neutral to negative within six to nine years, and increase the resilience of vineyards, businesses, and our community. The Napa Green Vineyard certification standards have six core elements: I. Social Equity, Justice and Inclusion; II. Carbon Farming and Regenerative Agriculture; III. Irrigation Assessments and Water Use efficiency; IV. Tree & Forest Preservation and Enhancement; V. Prohibited & Restricted Pesticides; VI. Conservation Burning or Burning Alternatives.


Napa Green Certified Wineries commit to more than 120 sustainability and stewardship standards to: Save energy and water and increase efficiency; Prevent waste through recycling, composting and environmentally preferable purchasing; Reduce GHG emissions and the winery’s carbon footprint; and commit to social equity. The whole facility is certified, from production to hospitality to administration.

Other Contributions:

Energy Management Throughout Wine Production


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