Grape Discoveries

Off-the-beaten-path in the Douro Valley

Grape Discoveries leads private, curated, one-day, deep-dive, wine tours in the Douro Valley, to discover the region`s physical and cultural terroir.

Grape Discoveries is less a tour and more a private guided adventure, an off-the-beaten-path to lesser known, barely discovered places in Portugal’s breathtakingly beautiful Douro Valley wine country.

Just you and your chosen small group will explore the personal rooms of a family’s manor home, eat homemade “petiscos” (small plates) around an eighteenth-century kitchen table, walk secret paths through fragrant orchards, taste rising-star  wines on a sunny estate terrace, and meet the real people who devote themselves to making great Douro wines every day.

The magic of Grape Discoveries is James Mayor’s unique way of blending his passion for winemaking and wine tasting with intimate nature explorations and delightful cultural experiences in the Douro’s lesser-known places. We help you discover what makes Portugal’s Douro Valley wines so fantastic; it’s not only the terroir, but the unequalled combination of its people, heritage, land, and culture.


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