At GoParity, any citizen or company has access to investment opportunities in projects with positive environmental impact and profitability, that they would not have access to. The app also allows the creation of sustainable automatic savings and investment scheme, promoting financial literacy and empowering users when it comes to the use of their capital and savings.

On the other hand, entities (SMEs and social organizations) that are seeking financing for sustainable projects finds favorable conditions for capital cost, flexibility and “time-to-money” as well a community engagement that they don’t find through conventional means of finance.

Certified by Portuguese Securities Exchange Commission (CMVM), our target customer is:

– Individual investors, who want to use their savings to invest with financial return on environmental impact projects;

– Companies wishing to invest with an environmental impact, (1) as a way of implementing their corporate social responsibility or sustainability policy, (2) offsetting their Co2 emissions or (3) as a way of involving their community (workers, customers or geographic community) in different ways for positive impact;

– Companies or non-profit organizations that are looking for financing for their environmental sustainability projects (such as purchasing solar power plants), who already have a sustainable product or business , or is looking for


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