Climate Smart Wineries

This Climate Talk is dedicated to sharing different practices that make a winery more efficient and less impactful from an environmental standpoint, exploring topics such as the choice of building materials, solar exposure, energy and water management of and waste minimization. As usual, we will have excellent guests, who will share several of their experiences, from the construction of a LEED building and the challenges behind its certification, to the use of alternative building materials (hemp) as a smart solution for a winery, to the balance as a whole between efficiency, environment and quality in wine production.


Wendy Cameron (University of Melbourne and a member of our Expert Panel)


Hugo Azevedo – Symington family Estates – Portugal

Robert Eden Chateau Maris – France – 

Victoria Gonzalez- Gordon (Gonzalez Byass) – Spain –

Sion Barnsley – Lawsons Dry Hills – New Zealand –


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