Lieselehof – Resistant viticulture with PIWI Grapes

Executive Summary “PIWI“ is a German abbreviation and stands for fungus resistant grape varieties. These were created by crossing European grape varieties and American fungus resistant varietals. The resilience towards the illnesses in vines comes from the fact that these varieties are Hybrids between American/Asian vines (which have a natural resistance towards Peronospora and Oidium) […]

The Impact of Green Roofs – An article by the National Green Roof Association

The Impact of Green Roofs Urban sprawl, the loss of natural habitats and the growth of pollution have given rise to some of the problems we face today, such as global warming, loss of biodiversity and environmental degradation. These problems reflect the way society has been changing ecosystems, how it accesses its benefits and uses […]

Assessing Ecosystem Services and Multifunctionality for Vineyard Systems

ABSTRACT Vineyards shape important economic, cultural, and ecological systems in many temperate biomes. Like other agricultural systems, they can be multifunctional landscapes that not only produce grapes, but also for example serve as wildlife habitat, sequester carbon, and are places of rich traditions. However, research and management practices often focus mostly on individual, specific ecosystem […]

Honig Vineyard & Winery – Natural Pest Management System

COMPANY SUMMARY: Honig Vineyard & Winery consistently creates high quality wines that offer unparalleled value. We accomplish this through constant innovation using a creative and fun approach to business. We are committed to our winery family and our community by operating in a socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable manner. STARTING DATE: JUN 2000   | ENDING DATE: ongoing SUSTAINABLE TARGET To […]

Biodiversity in vineyards: John Williams, Michael Goëss-Enzenberg, Gabriela Mascioli and Pedro Beja

The Role of Biodiversity in Vines in a Changing Climate In a multifunctional agricultural system, that has characterized our viticulture for centuries, biodiversity provides important ecological services that underpin vineyard health, productivity, quality and resilience. In the last decades, vineyard expansion and intensification are compromising the diversity and abundance of service-providing organisms, due to landscape […]

João Portugal Ramos – Business & Biodiversity

COMPANY SUMMARY: Born into a family with a long history of wine production, João Portugal Ramos has chosen Estremoz to make his own wines, after a long career as consultant winemaker in the main wine-growing regions of Portugal. The winery was built in 1997, producing high quality wines under the brand João Portugal Ramos. This […]

Catena Zapata – Life Below the Surface: The Rhizosphere in Adrianna Vineyardate

COMPANY SUMMARY Founded in 1902, Argentina’s Catena Zapata is known for its pioneering role in resurrecting the Malbec grape and in discovering extreme high-altitude terroirs in the Andean foothills of Mendoza. In 1995, Dr. Laura Catena founded the Catena Institute of Wine (CIW) with the goal of using science to understand the Mendoza terroir and […]

Alves de Sousa – New Old Vineyards

COMPANY SUMMARY: The Alves de Sousa family is making wines in the Douro Valley for 5 Generations. The old and ever-present wish to find the best embodiment of a Douro vineyard lead Alves de Sousa to work only with indigenous grapes from the family’s vineyards. The quality and singularity of the wines have been widely […]

Delatite Wines – Wild Yeast Fermentation

ABSTRACT: To pursue and implement a regime of wild ferments through out the winery at Delatite COMPANY SUMMARY: Delatite is best known for its aromatic whites that have won many trophies and medals over the years, as well as receiving many great reviews. Robert and Vivienne Ritchie first planted vines here in 1968, built the […]