Saving Every Drop: Lessons Learned and Innovation in Regenerative Viticulture

This discussion explores regenerative viticulture’s impact on water conservation in this engaging webinar. Learn from experts as they share strategies for saving water in vineyards. Discover innovative approaches that promote sustainable water management while maintaining wine quality. This webinar inspires vineyard owners, winemakers, and enthusiasts to embrace regenerative viticulture for a sustainable future, preserving water […]

Jackson Family Wines – Regenerative Farming and Carbon Sequestration

Executive Summary: In 2017, Jackson Family Wines was awarded a grant from the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Healthy Soils Program to explore the impacts of carbon farming. This was the first such grant awarded in a working vineyard. In collaboration with the Sonoma Resource Conservation District, we have dedicated two vineyard blocks to […]

Discovering the world of vineyard microbes

This Climate Talk is a Research Edition, dedicated to the work generated by academia. We counted with different experts and researchers from distinct European Universities, who will share the result of different studies, carried out from different perspectives, around the world of vineyard microbes. We will seek to understand how our practices influence the health […]

Building Climate Resilience with Animals in the Vineyards

The use of grazing animals in vineyards seems to be of increasing interest and use around the globe. The information available indicates that it is a vineyard management tool that finds compatibility with regenerative, organic and biodynamic farming practices. This discussion will focus on the many benefits to this technique of vineyard management. You will […]

Amorim – Using Amorim Cork Stoppers To Lower The Wineries’ Environmental Footprint

Executive Summary: Over the past two years, EY has developed several studies for Amorim to assess the company’s environmental, social and economic impacts. As part of the Group’s sustainability strategy, these studies also made it possible to calculate the environmental footprints of its main products, and concluded, without exception, that they have a negative carbon […]

Henry of Pelham – Wetland Restoration & Bio-filters and Woodland Preservation

Company Summary Henry of Pelham is an estate winery, owned and operated by the Speck family since 1982 (6th generation on the land). We are strong believers in the importance of sustainability from soil to shelf.  Henry of Pelham is proud to be one of the first wineries in Ontario to have had both our winery […]

Medlock Ames – Enhancing Beneficial Insect Habitat With Flowering Cover Crops

Company Summary: Medlock Ames is a values-driven company dedicated to preserving our land and treating all with respect while maintaining the highest standards. We are an organic vineyard and winery committed to farming in harmony with nature and crafting wines that represent our beautiful surroundings. Executive Summary: Insect pests such as Vine Mealy Bug, Three-Cornered […]