Carbon Sequestration in Wine: Diana Snowden Seysses, Carlos de Jesus, Tom Croghan and Nuno Gaspar de Oliveira

Carbon Sequestration: Throughout The Wine Production Cycle

In this Climate Talk we look at the carbon cycle in wine production, and the challenges of carbon sequestration across all stages and processes. We will bring different perspectives and practices of carbon sequestration: how the soil works as a natural carbon sink, passing into the technology available for the capture and storage of the carbon released in the fermentation, to the role the cork stopper can take in offsetting carbon footprint of the wine packaging. Would these solutions represent an opportunity for farmers to explore the carbon market? All these topics, among others, will be addressed in this conversation that brings together players from different geographies, expertise and profiles.


Nuno Gaspar de Oliveira, NBI – Portugal


Tom Croghan, The Vineyards at Dodon – USA

Diana Snowden Seysses, Domaine Dujac – France

Carlos de Jesus, Amorim Cork – Portugal





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